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Heather Aberg – Executive Director

Address: 32045 Castle Court, Suite 100, Evergreen, CO 80439

Telephone: 720-282-1164

Email address: Resilience1220@gmail.com

Website: www.Resilience1220.org


Help young people build resilience for life. Resilience1220, our new non-profit organization, provides free counseling services to youth ages 12-20 in the mountain communities west of Denver. We strive to raise awareness of the social, emotional and mental health issues that young adults face. Resilience1220 provides the necessary life skills to create wellness and resiliency.


We provide services in the form of FREE counseling sessions and discussions to groups. Counseling can be individual or group counseling sessions. Discussion groups can include a psycho-education, facilitation of discussions or lecture format. Groups can be peer groups, interest groups, organizations and schools.


Additionally, Resilience1220 offers a speaker’s bureau and provides public education by offering forums and events.



We believe we can make a difference! We are addressing a public health crisis in our community, state and nation. Mental health issues are on the rise, particularly in our youth who do not have the necessary skills and outlets to cope. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for Colorado youth. School shootings, substance use, psychiatric hospitalizations, suicide attempts and completions are indicative of this epidemic. The stresses that lead to mental health issues for youths include: abuse, neglect, family expectations and stresses, stresses in school, peer pressure, bullying, drugs, issues with sexual orientation and a host of other issues.


An increase in suicide attempts and three recent suicides in our community were the impetus to create an organization to work on these issues. We can no longer deny the need to provide youth with the skills necessary to survive in these stressful years.



In Our Community. Resilience1220 is offering free mental health services in a limited geographic area, the foothills west of Denver. This includes four Colorado counties: western Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, southern Gilpin County, and eastern Park County. There are four main high schools and middle schools in our area located in the towns of Bailey, Conifer, Evergreen and Idaho Springs. Services began at Evergreen High School, and have since expanded to Idaho Springs and Conifer. Further expansion will reach the schools in Bailey. Our main office is in Bergen Park though therapists see clients in their own offices across the front range. Our goal is to serve youth close to their home.



Free Services. The Resilience1220 approach is based on prevention. We encourage students to participate in individual or group sessions devoted to the full range of mental health issues that young adults encounter. Addressing these needs works to alleviate stress and prevent future potential problems. Our goal is to provide a safe place to speak as well as teach resilience for the future. Resilience is the ability and strength young people need to recover quickly from the difficulties of life. We believe that our youth are yearning for the opportunity to talk, express and learn how to be emotionally healthy. Our professional clinicians focus on the strengths of our clients and expand on them to develop a “toolbox” of coping strategies for going forward in life.


Resilience1220 sessions teach: stress-reduction techniques; understanding that asking for help is okay and leads to the resolution of stressful issues; that young people can help their friends and how to do it. Individual and group sessions provide validation, a place to sort through belief systems, and a non-judgmental place to share their feelings. Importantly, by understanding the benefits of counseling and groups, they can encourage others to do the same and have the right words for helping friends when they face serious problems.


The Resilience1220 model allows youth ages 12-20 (or their parent/guardian) to schedule a 60 minute appointment with a therapist. Colorado House Bill (HB19-1120) states that youth in Colorado can seek mental health services without parental consent. This happens but is rare.


Resilience1220 currently has the services of twenty-five mental health professionals. Each therapist has a caseload of 1-8 youth and many facilitate groups and give lectures as needed. Three of our therapists are male. Most of our counselors have been in the mountain community for many years. We have a psychiatrist and PhD Psychologist as advisors.



Volunteers include: speakers, fundraisers, our accountant and administrative volunteers. As of this month we are paying therapists, though since May of 2019, they have volunteered their services.



Our volunteer board of directors currently has five members: Tod Bacigalupi, Ted Ning, Hank Kaanta, Dale Lovin and Jen Pearson. Heather Aberg is the Executive Director.



Since May 1, 2019, Resilience1220 has served approximately 184 individuals in therapy. Resilience1220 groups have served approximately 245 youth. Our outreach and special program have impacted approximately 1,200 community members. Response from students has been overwhelming and positive. This is indicative of a program that is needed and will grow rapidly.


—Our current groups include Resiliency Groups (Evergreen High School, Bailey, Evergreen Middle School, Conifer High and Clear Creek MS/HS), Grief Group, LGBTQ+ Group (Clear Creek and Evergreen) a Gifted and Talented Group and Parenting Group. We also have a Drama Therapy Group and a Virtual COVID 19 Group.

—Our latest outreach has been to the National Charity League about stress and coping.

—We held a screening of Angst in November, a film about anxiety, followed by a panel discussion. 120 people of all ages attended.

—Our November LGBTQ+ panel discussion was attended by 100 community members 

—This month we offered a Town Forum about Grief and Loss and Community Mental Health Forum at Beth Evergreen.



Resilience1220 collaborates with schools, other mental health programs and non-profits. For example, when a child is in crisis, we refer them to the Jefferson Center for Mental Health Crisis Center or The Second Wind Fund, two organizations that are ready to help in an immediate crisis situation. The local hospice refers children to our youth Grief Group. The Mustard Seed Ranch is offering equine therapy to 2 Resilience1220 clients this spring. Go Paint, a local business, has made Resilience1220 a partial beneficiary to their upcoming Egg Decorating Contest. Ovation Theater has given us proceeds from shows. Evergreen Christian Church has offered us a room for our LGBTQ+ teen group. The Mountain Resource Center is joining with us as well. There are many more ways our community has been supportive of our initiative.



After each individual counseling session, clients are sent a link to a 7 question evaluation of the session that they can fill out using Survey Monkey. This is also true after each group is held. Responses are anonymous and confidential. Responses to all surveys are recorded by Bacigalupi Consulting Services, and the combined responses are reported to Resilience1220 to assure the evaluations are handled in a manner that preserves client’s anonymity and confidentiality.



Resilience1220 is open to all young people and works to promote inclusion and understanding among all groups.



Resilience1220 is a non-profit organization. Initial operation has been entirely volunteer, however that is not a sustainable business model. While minor costs of a few thousand dollars have been covered by the organizers; as the organization becomes formalized, operational costs will expand beyond what can be covered through donated services. These costs include technological services, administration, marketing, and reimbursement for therapists. Many hours of time have been contributed by the organizers, advisers, and consultants. Most importantly, in order to maintain continued participation by the counselors who have provided free counseling to youth ages 12 to 20, we need to continue to reimburse them. As of January 1, 2020, Resilience1220 is able to pay therapists $50.00 per session or group (approximately half of their regular rate).  They are not paid for lecture time.


The cost of therapists providing 100 sessions per month is $5,000. We spend $500 per month on a consultant and marketing firm. Additionally, operating costs are approximately $500 per month.


The sources of the corporation’s income are derived from personal resources and public donations. Additional income sources will include grants, donations, sponsorship and local fundraising activities. The corporation disposes its income through the decisions made by its board of directors or through the decisions of the duly elected treasurer, whose power to pay expenses is set out by the board or the corporation's bylaws in accordance to the corporation’s purpose. Expenses paid by the corporation include, but are not limited to: fundraising and marketing, equipment purchases and rentals, salaries for employees, reimbursement for counselors/therapists, insurance premiums, internet web site fees, publications, advertising, and miscellaneous board expenses.


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